What is the AFGPA?

The American FootGolf Players Association (AFGPA) is the association for registered FootGolf players in the American FootGolf League.

Why do registered FootGolf players need an association?

  • The association allows players to stand together to protect their desires, goals, and health.
  • The association was formed in 2021. Players used their combined strength to implore owners to provide basics like maintained courses, ready for play.
  • Our job is to represent players’ interests during negotiations for an official CBA and to make sure players are well informed and prepared for the negotiation.
  • In 2021, it became clear to the players that they needed to negotiate an agreement with the AFGL that would allow for an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship for all parties.

What does the Association do?

  • Represents all players in matters concerning prizes, and conditions and protects their desires as FootGolf players
  • Makes sure that the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) are met
  • Provides other member services and activities
  • Enhances and defends the image of players and their profession on and off the course

How does the Association work?

  • The AFGPA works from the bottom-up. All power and authority to do anything in the AFGPA comes from the Board of Reps who are elected by the player members.
  • Player Members on each AFGL club team elect both a Player Representative and an Alternate Player Representative to serve on the Board of Player Representatives (The Board of Player Reps).
  • The Board of Player Reps meets at least once a year and makes all of the important decisions for the organization.

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